So You Want To Be A Porn Master?

So you want to make money from a porn site? Why not. The online pornography business is massive and you can be part of it with the right knowledge and tools.

No longer do unseemly men have to don their trenchcoats and slither around the back of newsagents hiding their girly magazines so no other customers will see their purchase.

No longer do young boys questioning their sexuality have to worry about getting caught with a gay magazine under their bed. Yes there are still great magazines out there but most of the action is happening online now and will continue to do so.

Sex Sells

Sex is part of what human beings are. It's part of our make up. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and everything to do with sex simply sells.

There are still great opportunities to make money from pornography on the Internet.

As well as a guide about the industry we've put together all the tools you need to get started so the only thing that you need to pay for is the domain name and hosting and we have that covered so you need not worry about finding a host that is comfortable hosting your adult site or registrar. We own and operate that has been established specifically for the industry.


Is this legal?

Totally yes

Do I need to be a pornstar myself?

No You do not need to get involved in the making of porn at all. If you want to then fine, that's up to you.

How do I get paid?

Payouts are usually made twice per month from our partners. Each partner has payment options that include check, direct deposits into your bank account, also known as "wire" and payments into your processor accounts such as CCBill, Paxum, Payoneer etc.

List of payment processors

  • CCBill
  • Check
  • Paxum
  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • Wire

What sort of porn is out there?

  • Gay
  • Grannies
  • Lesbian
  • Straight
  • Tansexual
  • Twinks

You can focus on one or you can host them all, you can have them all on one web site or separate them out into indivisual web sites. Remember this whole exercise is about making money. It's not about you or your sexual preferences. It's about selling to other people what they want and if they can't get if from you they will get it from someone else and pay good money for it.

How do I get started?


What you need

1. Domain Name - choose one here at

2. Host - We can help you here at

3. Content - Choose one of our partners here



FHG - Fully Hosted Galleries

Revenue Share -

How it all works

Don't expect to make millions in your first week. You'll need some time to get your site out there and also allow search engines to find you. You also need to give time to allow your viewers to find you and send links to their friends etc. It's not a get rich quick business, more of a get rich slow business but once you are up and running and have a continual feed of visits then your regular income will start to come in while you are busy sleeping and doing other stuff so yes it's very much a passive income.